Hop House 13 Neighbourhoods

As the new C&E agency for Hop House 13, we concepted the Neighbourhoods platform to celebrate the creative communities that help make our cities tick. The first leg of it was a street party on Dublin’s Fade Street.

Creative Direction

As Hop House 13 was activating in the culture space for the first time, we developed a platform that fit with the brand’s purpose and would allow it to be active across Ireland in a meaningful way across events, partnerships and content.


Working with each of the businesses on Fade Street we programmed a day-long series of events across music, food, art and games. We closed the street down to traffic for the day and worked with The R.A.G.E. to hold an on-street record fair, Duck to host cooking demos from their tuk-tuk, Epoch Design to do a series of live mural and programmed DJs and a brass band. In Hen’s Teeth, we partnered with The Art of Ping Pong to create a Hop House 13 ping pong table and exhibition.


We art directed a suite of assets that both sit within the distinctive Hop House 13 brand world, but were easily identifiable as a new activity for the beer. Using a combination of animation, video and imagery, we created a series of short video content and assets to be rolled out on social media. On the day itself, we captured video and imagery to be rolled out across their socials as evergreen content.


We ran a successful campaign to introduce Ireland to Hop House 13’s new platform and build excitement for the event. We ran influencer and media events in the run-up, taking the Art of Ping Pong game to Maximum Media and a group of influencers on an Open Gate Brewery tour and gained 17 hits across print, online and digital with a combined reach of 3.8 million.