Hattie Stewart x Hen’s Teeth

A dreamy scene & immersive installation & exhibition by the artist & illustrator at Hen’s Teeth’s Dublin 8 gallery.

Hattie Stewart's Lazy Days

A dreamy scene

Hen’s Teeth & Hattie Stewart presented Lazy Days, an immersive installation and dreamy scene that opened at our gallery on Thursday, 24th November, 2021.

Lazy Days features an entire bedroom created in Hattie Stewart’s bold illustrative style, featuring a series of screen prints and art objects, including bedsheets, a figurine, mirror, rug and t-shirts – all with the tongue and cheek and playful style of this self-proclaimed “professional doodler”.


Hattie Stewart mirror

“At the beginning of my career I was obsessed with finding ways to bring my work to life outside of the page and have always dreamed of bringing my characters into the 3D realm, so when Hen’s Teeth first got in touch about working on my first figurine I was incredibly excited at the prospect, as they had worked with many an artist I admire. My excitement only grew when our initial conversation blossomed into a full collection of collectible items, homeware & apparel. We went a little wild, but then that’s the only way I know how to work.

Heart figurine

I’ve personally never worked with such an incredibly kind, fun and open minded team who were just as excited as me in putting this all together! It’s rare for an artist, particularly a female one, to be given such an opportunity and platform to bring so many ideas to life. I’m so excited to bring it all out into the world and grateful for Hen’s Teeth for putting their trust in me and my work. It’s all been a real labour of love!” – Hattie Stewart, artist